Personalization discovery

Vivint partnered with a development agency to create a personalization wizard. That wizard failed my all standards and was taken offline. I was asked to do research and explore possible pain points.

I did not design the original personalization experience but was brought in after it launched as a product designer working with a PM, copywriter, and marketing stakeholders.

I created personas, users journeys and ultimately tested with sales to find the pain points in this personalization journey.

Major takeaways included: Forcing users into a sales funnel and on a journey they weren't anticipating frustrated and disillusioned them. The personalization wizard they had to create functioned more as a gimmicky sales tactic offering multiple pain points while delivering very little. The biggest pain point was the handoff from the journey to the sales team; in that, the sales team had no idea about any of the questions they had answered and ultimately asked similar questions, frustrating users while losing their trust.